Our site is not only business. It is lifestyle. We are keen already many years on the Russian troops of a special purpose (SPETSNAZ), their history, a form and equipment. We predlagaat accessories for tuning of the Russian weapon (and airsoft) from known firm ZENIT, and also goods from less known, but gaining popularity ARMACON firms and others, and also clothes and footwear which are worn by fighters of spetsnaz. All goods go with the international shipping at the cheapest price. We will constantly expand the inventory and to try to provide completely your interest.

We are based in Moscow that allows to send goods as fast as possible.



There was a new version of an mount "Goose" - B-9M. It, as well as B-9, is intended for fastening of lamps of the "Klesh" series on weapon, but weighs 27 grams less. More detailed information on the page of a product. 
Handguards B-10, B-10M, B-30, B-20, B-21M or B-11 fastens on Picatinny rail.

Weight: 41 g.

Differences from B-9 mount "Goose: B-9M is easier, than B-9 on 27 g, but it does not allow to install additional handles (B-9 - allows).

Novelty already on sale.

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