1. Delivery and out of stock items:


Orders are shipped from Russia.

Delivery to Europe - 14 days (not including weekends, holidays, or delays by the postal and custom).

Delivery to the United States - 21 days (not including weekends, holidays, or delays by the postal and custom).

Delivery to the all other regions of the world - 30 days (not including weekends, holidays, or delays by the postal and custom).

Once an order is placed and payment is confirmed, we will post your items to you using EMS Russian Post, or another courier in the Russian Federation and world. All orders are shipped using airmail.

 Ordering from our site means that you agree to our terms and conditions.


Out of Stock Items:

 Occasionally, demand for an item means that the Zenit may not be able to produce enough units to meet demand.

 If point which you ordered is absent, we can wait until it returns in a stock or to return money for the absent point for your choice.


2. Shipping Prices and Customs:

 The shipping price for all orders фиксированная и составляет 40 USD.

All messages concerning an order must contain the PAYPAL TRANSACTION NUMBER clearly posted in the message or title.

The track number will be provided to you for departure tracking after sending the order. The term of sending the order - 3-5 days in the presence of goods in a warehouse. In case of lack of goods in our warehouse additional options of delivery of the order will be offered you.

Declared Value and Taxes

We list the real value of each order we send unless specifically requested otherwise.

Requesting special declaration of the order value is done so at the customer's own risk, if the package is lost, ONLY THE LISTED VALUE will be reimbursed.

Orders shipped with regular declared value will receive full reimbursement from the postal carrier responsible.

3. Confirmation, Shipping, and Payment

Shipment of orders is made within 5 working days (except holidays) after the order is placed. In case of any delays - we will notify you. At any time you can ask about a condition of your order and receive the answer within 24 hours.  We are unable to install automatic confirmation messages as it is incompatible with our software. If you receive a Paypal e-mail confirming your payment, this means that your order has been received and is being processed. If you are unsure, you can send an e-mail just to be safe.

Payment is done through Paypal as only this system allows payment for firearms parts. Paypal is also safe for customers and protects them from any form of fraud. Using Paypal means you are protected from anything that may go wrong on our end.

In addition, we respectfully request to refrain from starting Paypal disputes unless absolutely necessary. They slow down the delivery process immensely (as we cannot pay suppliers for the items that have been ordered if the funds are blocked).

If there are any suspicions, contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions or issue a refund (if the items have not already been shipped or received from our suppliers).

Orders that have been delayed for an extended period of time by a Paypal dispute or if the customer does not answer our e-mails to resolve the matter within 2 weeks will be cancelled.

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